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"Mykolaiv Higher Vocational School of Technology and Design" is a leading and successful institution of professional (vocational) education that provides training for qualified workers in the service and light industry.

Mykolaiv Higher Vocational College of Technology and Design is an innovative educational institution that trains qualified workers in the following professions: 7433 Tailor, 5141 Hairdresser ( hairstylist), 5141 Hairdresser ( hairstylist ). Make-up artist, 5141 Hairdresser ( hairstylist ). Manicurist, Manicurist. Pedicurist Hairdresser (hairstylist), 7344, 4222 Photographer (photo works). Administrator; professional junior bachelors in specialties: 022 Design, 182 Technologies of light industry.

For 54 years, the school has positioned itself as a modern educational institution, the center of which is the introduction of advanced pedagogical experience, innovative technologies, international norms and standards of professional (vocational and technical) education into the educational process, constant improvement of the quality of educational services, the creation of a unified educational space and systems for training qualified workers and professional junior bachelors, as well as comfortable conditions for all participants in the educational process.

  The design capacity of the educational institution is 1,350 students, the average annual number of students is 1,020. The educational institution has 4 educational buildings with a total area of 14,318 m2. The educational process takes place in 31 modernized educational and production workshops, 6 laboratories and 32 auditoriums. Mykolaiv Higher Vocational School has two libraries with a book collection of 34,800 items, a 30-seat reading room, an assembly and conference hall, 2 sports halls and sports fields.

Every year, the educational institution fulfills the plan of the regional order for the training of specialists and workers in full and shows good dynamics in terms of training, retraining and upgrading the qualifications of education seekers in commercial groups, cooperates with the Employment Center on professional training of the adult population.

Since 2017, the Educational and Practical Center of modern sewing technologies, which is equipped with modern techniques and equipment, has been successfully operating in the educational institution. In the EPC, progressive technologies of the sewing industry have been introduced into the production process, cooperation with employers has been established, proposals from social partners are being studied for improving work training programs in the subjects of professional and theoretical training and industrial training aimed at the study and practical use of modern sewing technologies. Students of the EPC use modern methods of working with various fabrics, materials and accessories.

In order to promote the employment of graduates of the educational institution in 2021, the Center for Career Development was created, the task of which is to: attract employers to a partnership with the educational institution; support of graduates in the employment process; the development of soft-skills of education recipients and their competitiveness in the labor market; career guidance of young people when choosing a profession.
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